Ten Items I Buy in Bulk

I have four children and one of the ways we save money is to cook a lot of our meals from scratch but before that happens we buy some ingredients in bulk. Today I thought I'd share with you the items I always buy in bulk for the pantry. 1. Flour We buy flour in… Continue reading Ten Items I Buy in Bulk

Dealing with your ex and weekends without your children

My children are going with their dad for a weekend soon. They haven't seen him for a few months and they are excited. This is one of the things I struggle with as a mom. I know that they need their father in their lives. But I struggle with the inconsistency of visits and parenting.… Continue reading Dealing with your ex and weekends without your children

Five Things to Help Your Morning Go Smoother (Previously Entitled: Yes, You Have to Wear Underwear!)

Its morning, again. Everyday like clock work the day begins and dear Lord one hour in and I'm a crazy maniac who wonders why a person makes a conscience decision to have children! Ok, I love my kids, I do. But still. I. Hate. Mornings. Part of my problem is that I am not a… Continue reading Five Things to Help Your Morning Go Smoother (Previously Entitled: Yes, You Have to Wear Underwear!)

Yes You Can, Can!

Do you can? Can you can? Preserving foods is one of those skills that I love sharing with my children. It harkens back to the days of root cellars and forgaging for food. I always remember my grandma's neat rows of pretty jellies or snapping beans with my mom. I started out with a hot… Continue reading Yes You Can, Can!

Learn to Pinch a Penny Until it Squeaks

If you are anything like me your Pinterest feed is filled with money saving tips and posts with topics like "21 things frugal people don't buy".  Have you looked at these posts? Some of them are legit and I genuinely like them but the majority seem to be things that a person who is on… Continue reading Learn to Pinch a Penny Until it Squeaks

A Dating Fail and the Lessons Learned

I'm just going to jump right in with my first topic and boy is it a big one...dating as a single mom is tough! And unless I finally do become that crazy cat lady I've threatened to become this is probably a topic we'll revisit again and again.  So, I've recently had my heart broken...again. … Continue reading A Dating Fail and the Lessons Learned